Andrea & I met in the 4th grade...Jesus, what was it...1987 I guess. We've been best friends ever since. I was a Bride's Maid in her wedding in the summer of 1995. The photo above was taken in January 2002 when I was visiting my family and friends back in Alabama for the holidays.

Some memorable moments with Andie was in the 1993 snow storm when I'd spent the night before at her house and was stranded there for a while. We went playing in the snow and as we ran across the street, I forgot there was about a 2ft ditch (as the snow had levelled everything) and fell in it and was up to my chest in snow!

Another is when we got pulled over by a cop doing 50mph in a 30mph on the way to an older friend's house that we weren't supposed to be going to. She started crying and I about threw up once we got there because my nerves were so shot!

Andie and I watched Pet Cemetary together years ago and she would go around doing her impression of Zelda, Rachel's (Denise Crosby) deformed sister in the flashback scenes. She would do her arms up and wobble around in this funny voice going "Rachel! You'll never walk again!" Like in the movie. So funny! She is such a freak when she wants to be. We also had a thing for the Wild & Crazy Guys skit from the original SNL show that Dan Ackroyd & Steve Martin would do. And so we'd walk around like them and do the lines, etc. We are two wild and crazy girls!

Andrea also went with Mom & I to a WCW show at Boutwell Auditorium way back in the day. And when we introduced her to Ric Flair, we were in the parking lot and he and Arn Anderson had just arrived and Ric was in these kacki pants and she goes "Man does he have a fine ass!" But once he was in his trunks she didn't like it, but she just drooled over him in trousers.

Then of course there was the day that my Mom had died. She came to the hospital to see Mom and after it had happened she took me with her to her Aunt's house to take my mind off of it and we had Arby's sandwiches and swam all afternoon.

This is Miss Andrea in her Senior portrait. Isn't she lovely!

This is us at "Golf-n-Shit" in March 1995
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