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NAME: Tara Renee
FROM: Alabama
CHLIDREN:son, Gage Harrison

PETS: Foley & Fala (two male dogs), Willow (female chipmunk)

SPARE TIME: In my spare time I like to go to the gym and do some weight training. I also do an Aqua Aerobics class 2-3times a week. I love to read autobiographies (have read Gene Simmons, Meatloaf, Robin Williams, Mick Foley, The Rock and some others). I also like to 'study' serial killers by reading a lot about them. I am a helper in my weekly Weight Watchers meetings where I hand out the members' weigh in cards and help give support to others.

LIKES: I like several different types of music from Rob Zombie to Barry Manilow and Elton John. I love a good horror movie, but let's face it they are hard to come by these days, need a decent plot and good death scenes and less sex/nudity. I like hanging out with my friends and family when I go home (and my friends here in the UK of course). I enjoy going to my Weight Watchers meetings each week and helping out by handing out the weigh-in cards and signing up new members. Even if I put on weight that week, I enjoy the meetings. I love Robin Williams...movies and stand-up.

DISLIKES: What don't I like...I'm not too fond of all the techno music stuff they come out with these days. No originality or talent I think. I don't like smoking and don't see why people these days are always so hell-bent on drinking and getting drunk. Sure I like to have a drink when I go out with friends but I don't have to be drunk to have fun. I don't like superficial people and people who judge others before getting to know them and those who get it in for people and find different ways of making their lives harder when they are bored.