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This was our second FWA show that we put on at the Broxbourne Civic Hall after being very successful this past October at Trick or Treat. We built a new set, got over The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels (also known as Curry Man in MPW)to work with us, had a hell of a show, made some money and most of all had a blast!

1. Chris Justice vs Raj Ghosh ended in a no contest when Kruiz broke up their fight by laying them out. He then proceeded to challenge the New Breed to a tag team title match with his partner Ulf Herman.... But Old School leader Dino Scarlo came out, demolished Kruiz and promised Herman that their would be a tag team title match tonight.

2. All-England Champion Mark Sloan defeated challenger Ian DaSiple with manager Mo Chatra. After the match DaSiple was left laying by Sloan and was revived only by the touch of his partner Brandon Thomas.

3. Dean Ayass called out British Champion Doug Williams and stated he was going to be the brains behind Christopher Daniels win over the champ tonight. Daniels came out and made it clear that Williams was looking at losing his belt to the man who had beaten him on more than one occasion in the past...

4. Next up The New Breed took on challengers Ulf Herman and... Drew McDonald. The Breed took the early advantage but the monster tandem soon took over - and it wasn't took long before the two big men walked out as the new British Tag Team Champions.

5. In an Old School-New School challenge Flash Barker defeated Jody Fleisch in a match that saw the first two rows of one side of the audience decimated by Barker and Fleisch. Barker won by weakening Jody's injured arm and finishing him off with an armbar.

6. Jorge Castano and Jonny Storm squared off in a rematch from their last Broxbourne encounter but this time in a hardcore rules Flag on a Pole Match. Jonny Storm picked up the win proudly draping the Union Jack around his shoulders.

7. Scott Parker, Nikita and Jane Childs came out to the ring to talk about Dean Ayass and his charge Justin Richards (who wasn't in the building on this particular night). Dean came out to rile on the two women who he believes as women shouldn't be in wrestling. Jane Childs then informed him that Commissioner Victoria Demontfort had put her in charge of sorting out Ayass and Jane was booking him in a tag match later tonight against Scott Parker and Nikita with herself as guest referee.

8. Next up Alex Shane called out his former Head of Security Flash Barker who instead gave Alex The Boiyz to wrestle against in a handicap match.

9. In a special intergender tag challenge Nikita and Scott Parker took on Dean Ayass and Mark Sloan. Despit Ayass and Sloan's dirty tactics, it would be the Nikita's moment of revenge on the old schooler when Ayass succumbed to Nikita's finisher and was pinned for the 1-2-3.

10. In the main event The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels challenged the British Heavyweight Champion Doug Williams. The match has already been called an early contender for British march of the year with an awesome technical display from both men. Daniels proving he had been listening to Dean Ayass' ringside advice on what to look out for from Williams. The crowd were on their feet for the final minutes of the match which saw Daniels finally being caught in the rolling german suplex Williams calls The Chaos Theory.

Credit: Jane Childs

The Sun Newspaper's Reviews:
With Revival just around the corner, we headed down to FWA Crunch where the top British stars were in action. What we thought would be a mere warm up for next week's event turned into a mind blowing night of wrestling action.
Here is our full review of the show:

Match of the night Everyone was expecting Doug Williams v Christopher Daniels to be good, but no-one knew just how good it would be. This superb technical bout was full of amazing reversals, counter-offence and stand offs which kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout.

The Fallen Angel proved why he is one of the most lauded talents in the US outside the WWFE. However it was Doug who stole the show, retaining his Heavyweight title to a standing ovation from the crowd. If you are a fan of wrestling you must track down the tape of this superb bout, one of the best live matches we have ever seen.

Surprise result of the night On any other night Jody Fleisch vs. Flash Barker would have stolen the show.

At one point Barker - a 270 pound (19stone) man mountain - somersaulted spectacularly from the top turnbuckle and into the crowd to take his opponent down.

Jody was as impressive as ever showing why many rate him as the UK's top star. He was eventually forced to submit as Flash worked on his already injured arm to provide the upset of the night.

Talker of the night The one thing that lets down the FWA is its lack of good talkers. Dean Ayass looked to set this right as he infuriated the crowd with his great heel spiel.

The Twisted Genius later got his comeuppance as he was pinned by the UK's number one female wrestler Nikita in a tag match. His finest moment came in the main event as he added some great comedy moments to the standout bout of the night.

Title changes The 300 pound(21st) giants Ulf Herman and Drew McDonald teamed up to win the tag team titles in a match which was a little too one sided for our liking. Ulf and Drew are the two monster heels of the British wrestling scene and proved it at Crunch. However it is always disappointing to see champions get squashed so easily, especially when they are as popular as the New Breed.

Move of the night When you have the likes of Jody Fleisch, Alex Shane and Jonny Storm in action it is always hard to pick the best move of the show. However at Crunch their awesome aerial displays were beaten by a man who is 25 years their senior. Dino Scarlo's new finishing move, the East Ender a DDT which he hits after rolling over a prone opponents back – was a worthy winner of this accolade.

Overall rating With Crunch the FWA have cemented their reputation as the most exciting wrestling group around. If Doug Williams, Flash Barker, Jody Fleisch all perform like this at Revival then it will be a show you cannot miss, and they have promised us that they will be even better!

Although let down by a few card fillers, Crunch was a remarkable night and should help put British wrestling back on the map.

We give it 8.5 out of 10.

What did the fans think?!
"I just got back from crunch and it was truely the best show yet!! Chris Daniels and Doug Williams absolutely Brought the house down with their match, Mark Sloan was very impressive throughout the night and best of all-ULF IST EIN TAG TEAM CHAMPION!!! we even got to talk to him again at the break."

"Just got back myself, and it was one hell of a show, especially the first half and of course the main event. I can't wait to get a tape of the show. The atmosphere was excellent, and it's really good to see British wrestling going somewhere and carving its own niche without resorting to copying the US stuff all the time.It was my first FWA show, and I was completely won over."

"Thumbs up! Well done strong style! well done all involved!"

"Just wanna say Crunch was brilliant last night! A great card with an awesome main event. The Doug Williams vs Chris Daniels match just blew me away. And the general atmosphere was great as well as the lighting and entrance-way i thought. Cant wait for the Walthamstow event. Thats a huge venue the atmosphere will be brilliant!"

"Last night was awesome!! Some great matches and a great atmosphere, I was lucky where I was sitting as I was behind the ring crew guys, I crack up at there chants/jokes/put downs, the guys behind me were also damn funny. I couldnt have been in a better place during the Fleisch/Barker match!! That was amazing to see. I had high hopes for the Daniels/Williams match, it was even better than I hoped, it blew my mind. I was on my feet for most of the match, simply awesome. There were so many good matches it's hard for me to remember all of them in detail."