This is a page dedicated to my special little guy, Fala, who was chosen and named after the "world's most famous dog" Fala Roosevelt. Ever since I was a little girl FDR has been my favorite US President. My Mother would always take me to visit the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia just 45minutes away from our home in Alabama. The minute I saw a photo of Fala and listened to stories about him and Franklin, I wanted my own Scottie Terrier and to name him Fala in memory of Roosevelt's best friend.
So for a late 24th birthday present, my husband Mark finally agreed to get him for me. Even though he has been a handful (what puppies aren't?!) I love him to death! He is so funny and has such character you can't help but love him.

Full Name: Fala Roosevelt Petar
Birthday: May 1, 2001
Gender/Color: Male/Black
Biological Parents: Rhyddlan Samuel (Sire)/ Sara Feather (Dam)
Siblings: Older Brother, Foley (German Shepherd)
E-Mail: Fala@loveable.com
*My Biological Family Tree*
My Life in Photos
My Friends & Family
FDR's Fala's Webpage

My First Hair Cut on Sept. 11, 2001

Photos of Fala Roosevelt Jr.

My new Tartan Collar
I'm so GQ
Me & Foley
I love my big brother
My Favorite Shoe
Nap Time
Time to Explore
My Yard Now
King of the Jungle
Running with the Wind
At my new home
Time for a nap
I'm confused now
What is that thing?
I'm a happy pup
I want a nap
My Bankie
Daddy what's this?
Me & Daddy
I'm so damned small!
Goodnight Sweetheart...
It's a Beautiful Day
I want out of here
I'm a shoe in!
How can you resist me?!
Smarter than the average pup
Now is it Dinner Time?
Look into my Eyes!
I'm so handsome!
Mom put the camera away
What was that noise?
Whew! What a Day!
Hey Everybody
My future is bright

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