The FWA is the UK wrestling group that Mark is the official tape trader for and whose we sometimes promote. As we work at their shows selling tapes and other FWA merchandise, we get to meet the Independant wrestlers who come to work their shows for them which is a great treat! Also before and/or after the show we get to play in the ring some. These are our photos. :)

Trick or Treat

Crunch 2002

Tara & Solid Gold Scott Parker
Tara & ECW's Nova
Tara & Nova in Sept. 2001
Tara & The WonderKid Jonny Storm
Tara & The Phoenix Jodie Fleisch
Tara & Python & Cloud
Mark, Jill & Jodie
Mark & Jodie
Mark & Nova Sept. 2001
Mark & Nova
Mark & Nova backstage
You will look up to me
Waiting for my opponent
I am the Champion!
Mark's just chillin'
He loves the top rope
Me, Alex & Jill working the table
My friend Jill & Nova
My friend Alex & Nova
Mark wins the belt!
Tara with Annie & Vicky
Tara with Annie & some guy
Mark as Heavyweight Champion
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