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My Goals

What do I want?
I want to be slim and fit. I want to have a nice pair of biceps too. I want to be able to buy clothes from any shop I want and not have to worry about the size of it, if it's big enough. I want to be in better shape and be able to do more things without getting so out of breath.

Getting Specific:
Imagining that I have already achieved my goal weight, this is how I answer these questions:

How much do you weigh?
10stones (140lbs)
what size clothes do you wear? 12/14
What style clothes? Fashionable, cool and young looking
What is the date? Jan 2004
How do you feel? Like a million dollars! I feel young again, vibrant and healthy!
What are you saying to yourself? Look what you did when you put your mind to it, kiddo! You look marvelous!
What are others saying to you? You look so much better.
What is your attitude towards food? I will chose my destiny by eating better from now on. I'm not going back to my old eating habits.
what else do you notice? I'm actually pretty cute! I'm healthier and love myself more for it.
what have you done since getting to goal? I have had some new Glamour Shots made to show off my new self. Bought lots of new smaller stylish clothes including a two-piece bathing suit! And soon I'm off to have my hair and face make-over!

Getting connected: When you achieve your goal, what will that give you?
Better health, smaller clothes, more confidence

And when you achieve this, what will that give you?
More self respect and more options in life.

Getting focused: What Mini-Goals have you set for yourself?
I get the 12wk journals to track my food and exercise in, I always write in it that my goal is to lose a stone before the end of those 12wks.

1st: Get down to 16 Stones (Did it on Aug.5)
2nd: Lose a stone per journal
3rd: Get to 10% Goal
4th: Get down to 15 Stones in time for my holiday in November
Main Goal: Get to 10 Stones

What are the steps you will need to take to reach your goal?
Eat better, stay to my point allowance, go to my aerobic classes and the gym, go to my meetings every week. Think positive; I CAN DO IT!!

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