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This Halloween we had a private party with our friends Matt & Emma at their apartment. We had such a blast!! I had to share these photos with you to try and show how much fun and how much trouble we got up to!! (Click on the thumbnails for a larger pic)

First we popped over to Laurie & Cheryl's house to see Aiden on his Trick or Treat Trek. Mark dressed up as a grave (note the RIP on his forehead) and I as a vampire (does this surprise you?!). Aiden was just too adorable in his devil costume with Steph's friend's child Leia as a witch.


This is us with Matt & Emma. Matt didn't dress up but Emma was a witch and she nicked my angel's wings and put them on which sort of made me think of the witch from Wizard of Oz with the flying monkeys.


After we ate a very nice meal that Matt made with mince that went out a good few months ago...we played a game where if you rolled a 6 with the die you had to put on a hat, scarf and socks on your hands and eat chocolate while the others tried to roll a 6. When someone else rolled a 6 they took the garments off of you and had a go at the chocolate...if they got to it! Poor Matt was in the middle of getting dressed and was dying to dive into the chocolate when someone else rolled a 6!


Then we played another game where you had to spin around 10 times with a bottle on your head (as Matt demonstrates), then get to the bowl filled with water and apples to get an apple out and then put your face in a bowl full of flour and marshmellows to dig out a marshmellow and eat it (as Emma demonstrates)! Great fun! I was laughing so hard when I did it! Mark won as he had the shortest time but was too chicken to do it again so I did it twice because it was fun and hillarious!

So here are the pics of all of us with flour on our faces. Mark wasn't a good player as he didn't dunk his face but dug the marshmellow out with his tongue.

Mark took tons of photos of me during this game so I had to put them all up as they are just too funny not to! The first time I did it I had on my face paint and so when I washed the flour off I went on and took the rest of my make-up off as well, so you can really see the flour on the second go. Also on the second go all 4 apples were put back into the water and so instead of just getting the one I had to get out 4 apples whereas there was only 1 marshmellow to retrieve from the flour bowl. Thanks to Fear Factor, I knew to dig through the flour with my nose before just opening my mouth in it and eatting tons of flour.