Class of 1995

This page is dedicated to my two High Schools, Hueytown & Opelika, and all my friends. Class of '95 Rulz!! I've included some photos from my year books and some of my own personal photos as well. Hope you enjoy! If you went to school with me and have some photos of us in school or some memories to share, send them on to me.

Pages Dedicated to My Friends


Jess, Tara, Krista, Andie & Randy

Opelika High School
Hueytown High School

Remembering the Days
Coach Moon's Drama Class
Wally's Drama Class
Mrs. Steven's Drama Class
Mrs. Madison's Senior English Class
Mrs. Thomas's Freshman History Class
Wally's Video Production Class
My Proms (& Boyfriends)
MASH 4077
Senior Pep Rally
Freshman Pep Rally

Hanging Out in front of Pine Building
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