I think me & Jess met in the last bit of Jr. High, but I know we knew each other as we started High School at HHS, so...we were in a little clique of a few other friends (Leia, Krista, Leslie, Cathy, Cynthia, Angela and a few others that I can't remember the names of) and before school started we all met up at the side of the Ivy building and hung out.

This photo was taken at
"Golf-n-Shit" in 1995.

Jessica and I quickly became like sisters and still are to this day. Once I moved to Opelika I'd go to Hueytown and visit everyother weekend and we'd love to shop at the Galleria, movies and Comedy Club.We love going to the Comedy Club in Hoover together when we can. We've seen Killer Beaz there ("SAVE UP!!"), Bobcat Golthweight (where he dropped his drawers), Jeff Dunham (where his puppet Walter; a grumpy old man, answered my question I'd dropped in his question box labeled Tara Callaway asking, "what do you think of love over the Internet?" and he replied that I should get a life!). We are also both Robin Williams fans and always find ourselves quoting his jokes without even knowing we've done it. (It's just me tiny white man!)We've been there for each other through dozens of boyfriends and family trials. Her family is my extended family and have always treated me like that, as well as my mom had taken Jess as another daughter of her own (along with a few other of my friends). We've seen Elton John together, KISS, Bobcat Golthwait, Killer Beaz, No Doubt, Paula Abdul, Color Me Bad...and one day she'll come to London and I'll take her to the theatre here.

I think some of our favorite and most memorable times are our infamous road trips! Following the WWF through Alabama, Mississippi and Tennesee...what a ride it was!! After we made our vow in February 1997 to get as close to our favorite wrestlers as legally possible (*evil laugh*) we went to every WWF we could, a lot of times with just $20 in cash between us. Once we played 'leap frog' with the WWF truck on the way back from Mobile, that was a trip. She had parked the car next to Shawn Michael's in the lot and once we saw him and that it was his car, she wrote him a note and stuck it under the windshield wiper. He came back out to run an errand and turned the wipers on and kept trying to grab the note as they went up and down. Later that night, after the show, she 'hired' these two big guys to act as body guards to keep people back away from me and Taker when he came out, as I was standing at his car, so that I could get to him and give him a hug. She was armed with the video camera and was telling people to get back, etc. so I could get to him. That video still brings tears to my eyes.

We loved to go into Wal-Mart or somewhere before a show and be like "God, we have to hurry and get back to the arena before Vince notices we're gone!" and once on the way to Chattanooga, TN we had gotten the wrong exit (looking for the number with an "A" and it was just a number) and Jess went into a Waffle House and was like "Yea we're with the WWF, and the guys just ribbed us giving us the wrong exit number...". But with all of our travels we've gotten lots of pics, Jess got her kiss from HBK, I've got my hug from Taker, we spent a few hours one night with a certain Referee in his room chatting and drinking. We may not have tales like some people may have, but damnit we have our tales and we wouldn't trade them for anything!

After we did the show in Mobile, Alabama...we drove through a Hardee's that was on the way back to our hotel and we ordered a couple of value meals. Being on a total adrenaline rush and feeling all crazy we had to mess with the people working the drive-thru. So, sticking my head out the window over Jessica, who was driving, I said "We want a No.1, a No.2 and an Undertaker with nothing on him!" and the girl goes "what was the last item on your order?" We just died!!

Hanging out '97
Halloween '97
Such a poser
Out for a swim
In our hotel room
Flower Child
Super Kick
On the phone
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