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Our Babies

I have always been an animal lover, always dreamed of having a huge farm with every kind of cute, furry animal there was. Since I know that this is a somewhat unrealistic dream, I still try to do what I can to get close to it. In April 2000, for my 23rd birthday Mark and I went and got Foley, our precious little boy...who I wouldn't trade for the world. Then in October of 2000, I talked him into getting two Chipmunks from the pet store who we named Buffy & Willow. I have also 'adopted' a Tiger named Jasper who lives in Cambodia and three baby Badgers named Tess, Glade and Nippy who live at Secret World Rescue Centre in Sommerset, England. Obviously the tiger and badgers won't ever live with us, but it is good to know that I've done something to help with their recovery and long term care as they are not able to be returned to the wild due to their injuries.

Please have a look at the pages I've made for our little boys and I just know that they will melt your heart as they have done ours.

My Special Boy, Foley

My Little Boy, Fala