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This is me and Robby at his school's Junior/Senior Prom 1994.

Robby & I met thanks to a mutual friend back in late '93. A group of us hung out for a few weeks, running around AU campus & Felton Little Park playing Truth or Dare (such a game for 16yr olds back then) I was always dared to lie in the middle of the road and play dead, whereas our friend Jasmine always ran up to people flashing them going "Are my breasts too big?" and of course, as fixing us up was part of Jas's agenda, Robby & I were always dared to kiss each other, which we got the hang of all too quick. One night, I called Robby up to join me and my church youth group at Wendy's. After that he followed me back to my house where we stood outside for a bit looking up at the stars (aaawww...) and talking. once he got home he called me (or I called him, not sure about that part) and we talked some more and played a fatefull game of 20 Questions. After a while Robby goes "Hypathetically, if I asked you to be my girlfriend, what would you say?" and I replied "I'd say yes." Robby says "okay, would you be my girlfriend?". "Is this hypathetical?" I asked. "No", he answered. So I go "yes, I'd love to". And there we were, a couple. Hell, I didn't really have much choice in the matter, as soon as he walked through Jasmin's door I fell madly in love with him. He has these ocean blue eyes that I just get lost in and never want to find my way back. He gave me his class ring (which is what people did back then when you were in HS they still do that?!") and everyone commented on how big the thing was. My ring fit right through it and would fall off my thumb, so I put it on a necklace to wear.
Our weekends were the talk of my English class on Mondays as I'd go in with my neck & chest covered in hickies (a sign of tacky love for teens). One friend, Sly, thought Robby was beating me and said he'd kick his ass if I wanted him to. One guy in my class said "Damn Tara! I wish I was having sex like you are!" and I proudly replied "We're not sleeping together, this is just making out!" But hell, the making out was so damned good, we didn't really need to go there, so we didn't. We were dating during our M*A*S*H rehersals (broke up before the show opened) and so he'd come to my school before the rehersals and we'd spend time together and then afterwards we'd hang out in the parking lot. One night he left his keys in his car (as we'd gotten into mine) and we had to call a cop to come and open the door to get the keys out, etc. We broke up not too long after this prom photo was taken. Even after we broke up though, we stayed really good, close friends. We'd make midnight runs to Montgomery to get fresh out of the oven Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Usually Paul would be with us. And we'd blare Elton John CD's signing our lungs out like crazy. And the rule was that you had to eat one doughnut before leaving the parking lot. We had some great times and still make memories everytime we hook up when I go home.

Over the years though, we've remained very good friends. When I go home he's one of the first people I look up. I love hanging out with Robby as we still get along great and have a good time talking about the good ol' days when we were young. Robby was my first true love and remains a true friend and one of the very few people who know me like a book (maybe more so than others!). He will always hold a special place in my heart.

I remember the night that me, Robby and Paul Wayne went to go see Speed when it first came out in the theatres. We were all so filled with adrenaline afterwards that we went out to Auburn University campus, to Foy Union I think it was (which was an occasional hang out for our group; pool hall & all) and ran around playing cops & robbers. Poor Robby started to run but his foot didn't want to move! So he ended up breaking his ankle (I think that's right). He was hurting so bad and he found a good sized stick and used it as a crutch the rest of the night. Next day he went to the doctor and they put a cast on it that stayed on for what seemed like forever!!

The 3 of us (me, Robby & Paul) had a thing for Lion King. We went to see it together when it came out as the 3 of us are Elton fans, and we decided that Robby was Pumba, Paul was Timon and I was Simba. So when we sang the songs we all sang our deligated parts.

This is me and Robby at a New Year's Eve party ringing in 2002.