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Miss Sheila & I met in Mrs. Truit's history class at OHS in 1993. She sat a seat or two behind me and we ran with the same crowd, so once she decided to stop being shy, we started chatting and passing notes, etc. We were both into Star Trek:NG and so that got us first together. She writes stories that are really good and so one day she wrote a story for me where my character and Data got together, and boy was it juicy!! I keep telling her to send something of hers to a publisher but she won't do it, I guess in fear of rejection or something, but she's so damned good! She could be our next Stephen King (as I hear he's hanging up his pen!) or Anne Rice!!

Although Sheila has been with the same guy for like, EVER!, she's been there for me through my boyfriends (& husband) and we've cried on each others shoulders many times over God knows what. Sheila truely is my soul sister. I think we've only had one differance of opinion and that was over a movie, so...We basically know each other like a book and often don't need to talk but can tell what the other one is feeling or needs to say just by looking at them. I really believe that Sheila is a God-send as I met her a few months after I moved to Opelika after my mom had died. In a way she is like...not a replacement, as you could never replace my mother, but I've always seen it as God goes "Okay, I took your Mom, so I'll give you Sheila in make up for it". Don't what I'd do without her! We both have another side to ourselves that only we really understand, others tend to look at us funny when we mention it (Whisper & T). One day Whisper, who I think we worked out was actually a ghost as Sheila began to actually see her, wrote me a poem while Sheila was at work one day. Was it a poem or a note, can't really remember, but there was one sentence in it that I don't think we ever really worked out...something like "Can't she see what we already know?" or something like that. Do you remember what it was She?

Nathan, Forrest, Hunter, Sheila & Sonny (M*A*S*H)

We were both in M*A*S*H at school. I was Radar and she had like 25 different roles! ("Dog is good!") That was a funny time. One weekend Sheila braved a wrestling trip with myself & Jessica to Nashville & Chattanooga, TN. That was funny! As we were waiting in traffic to leave the Civic Centre and head to Chattanooga from Nashville, Sheila really had to go to the bathroom. As we hadn't moved 10ft in like 20minutes, I told her to run back in and go, since we'd probably still be in the same spot. So she did and we were like 2 cars length from where we were when she got out! That night when we arrived at the hotel Owen Hart was there checking in at the same time as us, so we figured that if Owen was there that we finally got the right hotel. So we went to our room REAL QUICK to freshen up (it was like 1am) and went back to the lobby with our Jack Daniel coolers. So after a while, in walks a certain Referee (who shall remain nameless because of obvious not Hebner!) and a couple of pyro guys. So we all sit and talk for a bit and Mike invites us back up to his room (not like that!). So we go and we drink and watch WCW on tv and we're talking about how bad the Refs there are and all. He tells us about the time him a couple others were 'smoking' in their hotel room and someone came in saying that the smoke was all down the hallway so they took a towl and stuffed it up at the bottom of the door to block the slit. Next morning one of the guys was like "Did y'all smell that pot that was lingering in the hallway last night!?" and He was like "What pot? Didn't notice anything."

Jessica, Tara & Sheila

This is us when we did M*A*S*H

Sheila comes over and visits me in England when she can. She was my bridesmaid at my wedding and that made it so much more special to me than if she hadn't had been there.