Trick or Treat
This page is dedicated to all the hard work Mark and I put into the Frontier Wrestling Alliance, the British wrestling group that we promote, sell merchandise for/of and are associated with in all.
On Friday, October 26, 2001 Mark and I promoted and sponsered our first FWA show held in the Broxbourne Civic Center which is 10 minutes from our house. Out of 400 seats in house, we had 360 tickets accounted for. We had sold out but some people who had called and had ticket reserved didn't show up, so...their loss! We paid 750 for usage of the hall so we more than broke even with the ticket sales and made a further 2500 at our merchandise stand!
Below are some photos that Mark took during the event as he is also the FWA's photographer and has been published in WOW (UK Version) and Power Slam wrestling magazines. There are a few photos of me in there as well as Mark's sister, Stephanie working as one of Alex Shane's "Bitches" (Alex is one of our main guys and is the host of Talk Sport Radio on Saturday nights doing a wrestling show where he always promotes our tape business). Also is a link to a page with lots of raves and reviews that people have posted on message boards and in emails sent to Mark since the show.
We have already booked our second show at the same hall for Friday, February 1, 2002 called Crunch 2002. We were gonna name it a Valentine theme show but as we weren't sure of the date we gave it a more generic name so we could go on and print tickets to sell at the Trick or Treat show.

What the fans are saying about Trick or Treat

The Sun's Report of Trick or Treat
Plus Interviews with Solid Gold Scott Parker & The Highlander Drew McDonald

FWA Trick or Treat
Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hoddesdon, Herts
26 October 2001
approx 400
1. Showstealer Alex Shane came out to be interviewed by emcee Adam South to talk about his fans, and his thoughts on the "old schoolers". However Shane was interrupted by Guy Thunder and they both tried to intimidate each other for the evening's Last Man Standing match.
2. Jack Xavier beat James Tighe (with Mark Sloan)
3. Drew McDonald beat Ian de Silva & Brandon Thomas in a handicap match after both men poked fun at the "old schoolers"
4. 'Specialist' Mark Sloan (with James Tighe) beat FWA Academy student Rajah Ghosh
5. Emcee Adam South then brought out Solid Gold Scott Parker and Jody Fleisch to ask their opinion on the old school - new school divide as both men have previously been targets of assaults by Dino Scarlo and Drew McDonald. Scarlo came out and introduced his man to take on Scott Parker.... "King of Old School" Steve Corino
6. Mr Blonde pinned Justin Richards after a devastating knock out
7. The New Breed (Curve and Cruz with Ashe) def Jodie Fleisch & Paul Travell after an attack on Fleisch by Scarlo. All three Breed members argued after the match leaving a lot of uncertainty on the status of the titles, and just who is New Breed...
8. Last Man Standing Guy Thunder beat Alex Shane in a match that saw Shane cut open and Scarlo and McDonald cost Shane the match.
9. Jonny Storm pinned Jorge Castano (earlier Castano had attacked Storm which is why Storm was replaced in the tag title match by Travell)
10. Solid Gold Scott Parker def King of Old School Steve Corino via DQ after hitting his Golden Arrow finisher and Scarlo and McDonald interfered to save Corino from the pin. The locker room came out to save Parker but were kept out of the ring by the Old School team until Alex Shane hit the ring with a chair to clear them out. Shane, angry at McDonald's interference earlier challenged McDonald to face him at High School Hell one-on-one on November 10th. The show ended with chants of "Showstealer" echoing through the arena.

Tara & ECW's Steve Corino after the show
Tara in her Hell's Angel costume
Tara Renee
Mrs Strong Style
Steph as one of Alex's Bitches
Steph with Alex Shane
Steve Corino
Solid Gold Scott Parker
Corino & Scott Parker
Scott Parker & Corino
George Castano
Dino Scarlo
The Highlander Drew McDonald
Drew & Dino (AKA Double D)
Guy Thunder
The Showstealer Alex Shane
The Phoenix Jodie Fleisch
The New Breed
Jodie & Hazardous Paul Travell
Jonny, Jodie & Paul
The Phoenix Jodie Fleisch
The Wonderkid Jonny Storm
Justin Richards & Mr. Blonde
James Tighe & Jack Xavier
Alex Shane & Adam South
Our Announcer Adam South
The Specialist Mark Sloane & James Tighe
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